Saturday, November 14, 2009

Quelle surprise!

I went in last night to a full section, as usual for Friday night. One of the tables had drinks, but also still had menus; when I finally figured out who had taken it, she refused to give my own table to me, because they'd been there for a while and were just being slow to order. Whatever. My three other tables emptied out at the same time while I was talking to her, and while I was greeting them the bitches ordered, so I let it go--I would have enough to keep me busy for a while.

My two booths were sat, but not my empty table, and I soon found out why. We had an eight in the lobby, and it was going to be straddling my section and somebody else's. Luckily for me, she didn't want it--otherwise I'd've been down to a two table section. I didn't really want to take them--historically, big tables do not treat me well. But 10% of something is better than nothing, so I went at it. I didn't have high hopes; a bunch of them had already gotten drinks at the bar and paid for them there, and they wouldn't shut up so I could get their order.

Other than that, though, they were friendly, polite, and very low-maintenance. They didn't take the bait on any of my upsells, and only one person ordered a second drink, but it was okay. They left me twenty percent, which made me happy.

I also ended up closing last night, because one of the closers was panicking about her husband being sick. Didn't make much extra money off it--maybe $15, because just not many tables came in--but I can live with it. I was only there until fifteen minutes after we locked the door, so overall it was a decent night.

Still need to have a serious talk with the managers about this 5:30 crap though ...


Mary Sheehan Winn said...

I worked in a Chinese Restaurant and boy the stories I could write. There were 5 stations on the weekends but only 3 big table which could seat 10. So Station 2 didn't get a big party which was not always a bad thing. When I first worked there, though it was when they stayed open until 1:45 AM ( this was the 70's) even though the bar closed at 1:00. Of course, all you'd get at that time were the drunks who just finished up a night of drinking.
One Tuesday (the nothingest night of all) I'm working alone and it's snowing a blizzard outside and don't they seat me a party of four at 1 effing 45 who order so much food that I have to park a tray stand next to them to hold it all. Took me an hour to shovel my car out and then skidded off the road into a swale on the way home about 3 miles from my house and had to get a ride home and go out the next day to pick up the friggin' car. A nightmare I will never forget!!
Keep on keeping on, Purplegirl.
I love your blog.

purplegirl said...

Oh man, no wonder that night stuck with you! What a rotten story.