Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Well, it took freaking long enough, but I finally have some regulars who actually ask for me! One couple I'm ambivalent about -- they're not really good tippers and he always whines about the cost of the the shrimp pasta. But they're nice people, fun to talk to.

The others are excellent tippers, because she's a server as well. I randomly waited on them one day, and they just freaking loved me because I actually got their weird order right. It's not that weird, really -- it's just a little complicated. But ever since then, they've always requested me!

If I had more customers like these folks, I'd probably bitch a lot less!


DMT said...

yes, but then we'd have no reason to read this blog :p

Andie said...

Former servers usually make the best tippers.

Caveman said...

Well done! The key to having a good night is filling your section up with nice people. Than you can relax and almost enjoy your job. I always try to fill my corner of the bar I work at with good people. Than, I try and keep them there as long as possible so i cutdown on my chances of having do deal with assholes.

Gainesville Mirrors said...

Great reead