Thursday, November 13, 2008

Pastor who?

At a restaurant I used to work at, there was a group of people that came in every couple of weeks. Sometimes there were eight of them, sometimes eighteen or more. They were friendly, nice people, and we had an ongoing joke: I'd once told them I answered to anything starting with an "A", so they called me Ashley, Angela, etc. when they came in. The guy who always paid called me Olivia sometimes.

One night, I told him I couldn't remember his name, leading to the following:

Him: "It's Brian. It's okay, I'm forgettable."
Me: "No, it's just that since you call me anything starting with an A, I'll call you anything starting with a B. You know, Bob, Brad," brain says Balthazar, mouth says "Beelzebub ..." brain says CHURCH GROUP CHURCH GROUP!!
Whole table bursts out laughing.
Brian: "No, no, don't call me that, anything else is okay!"
Me: "I can't believe I said that, I meant to say Balthazar!"

So I was just getting over my humiliation when the guy gave me his credit card .... I looked at the name and yeah ... that'd be PASTOR Beelzebub.

One of his daughters left her coat there, and I took it with me and called their church the next day. Someone from the church came to my other job to pick it up, and very kindly invited me to come to services sometime. After that, I didn't see them again for at least a year, and I wondered if I'd totally offended them. Finally two weeks before I left that place, the pastor and his family came in. Glad I didn't frighten them away.

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