Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Still irritated about the ass-chewing.

The basis of the ass-chewing I got at work yesterday was a schedule conflict. About two months ago, I had the perfect schedule. Part of that perfect schedule was closing Monday nights and Tuesday lunches. I had Wednesday and Thursday off. It was totally perfect.

And then it got allll fucked up. In the same week, J's availability changed .... so she got the Tuesday lunch. And A's availability changed, so she got the Monday close! They took me off the Monday altogether ... and put me on Wednesday, which is the worst night of the week to work. And in one week, I lost the equivalent of 1.5 shifts' worth of money just from Monday/Tuesday ... plus they had me on exclusively lunches the following week!

So after three weeks, I complained. One of the managers put me back on my Monday close, and put A on a first cut. For three weeks, it stayed that way (although they kept jerking me around with the rest of my schedule). And then this week I went in and was a first cut, and A had the closing shift. Again.

I asked the a manager about it, and she sort of made me feel like shit about it by saying she didn't understand this "my shift" stuff, it doesn't belong to anyone. My response was "Not to go all schoolyard about it, but I had it first." Of course, "I had it first" doesn't stand up to "I'm the GMs best friend and can only work three days a week, so I win".

So yesterday I approached the manager who does the schedule. My exact words were "I'm tired of arguing with A about who gets to close Monday nights. Can I just give it to her completely and have Tuesday or Wednesday night instead? That way we're both happy and you don't have to listen to it anymore." I was trying to resolve a conflict. I was trying to simplify this guy's life so he didn't have to listen to us griping about it anymore. I was trying to help.

Oh my god, he fucking went off on me. He went off about thirty people (not that many) bitching about the schedule, about this "shift ownership stuff is bullshit", about labor hours coming out wrong and him getting shit over it. I tried not to smirk at him, because he was being ridiculous. However, in retrospect, I probably reined myself in to much. I should've flat-out told him those things aren't my fault and I was trying to help. But he's also very good at turning things around to his point of view, and I fell for it. I need to remember that next time.

Anyway, we'll see what happens; he said he thought Tuesdays would work. Guess we'll see next week. I really don't want to have to get a second job; I don't know how I'd work in the time, especially since if my class schedule next semester comes out like I want it, I'll have class four days a week in the middle of the day.

But that's another problem for another day. I have tomorrow off, so I'm going to try to enjoy it.


SavingDiva said...

I hate getting yelled at! I'm sorry...I hope you had a nice cup of hot chocolate :)

purplegirl said...

I think I did have some chocolate that night. :)