Monday, September 5, 2011

Floating along.

My workplace really can ruin almost any good mood. I've continued to start my work days happy and grinning, and then the bastards just grind me down over the course of the evening. The $3 tip on $44 for 2.5 hours of serving someone was a personal favorite. Then there was the table who refused to tell me anything was wrong and instead stopped every other server walking by. And CL's latest retarded lecture (apparently, I go to the bathroom too much).

But for once .... it's just not keeping me down! Yeah, I'll get irritated and grumbly, but after about five minutes I've got a smile on my face again. Great for me .... not so great for blogging! Without the irritable sarcasm what have I left?


maxi said...

well I suppose it's a good thing?!

DMT said...

I've also been working on that, sometimes it can be really hard to let things go in the middle of a shift but the days you are able to take a deep breath and let whatever assholery befell you go, shape up to be good ones.