Monday, November 17, 2008

So why "only slightly cranky"?

In reading my posts, it probably seems like I'm a lot more than just slightly cranky. I used to be 100% hating on my job, 100% of the time. I did it because the hours were flexible and the cash flow was more convenient for me than a periodic paycheck .... but I really, really hated it. Then I got a "real", salaried job, but I still waitressed a few days a week to make ends meet. Even then, I still hated it.

But somewhere during the last year ... I quit hating it so much. Which is good, since the aforementioned real job ended, and now waitressing is my only job. I actually sort of enjoy it, sometimes. It's hard work, in terms of effort expended at the time. But it's also easy work, because I don't have to take it home with me. But sometimes it's fun. I get to talk to a lot of different people, not all of whom are jerks. The people I work with are fun for the most part. I really am not that cranky about it most of the time.

The last couple of weeks have just been rough in terms of customers and shifts. In the last six shifts, I've worked for an average of $7.45/hour in tips. Now, that's after my meals at work and tipping out the bartender; it's also essentially after taxes. It also doesn't include my hourly wage yet, as I'm not figuring that in until I get my check and therefore have my post-tax, post-401k amount. So in that light, it's not terrible, I suppose--but it's still lower than average in terms of total pay. Percentage wise, it's 13% of my sales. But 13% of $1400 isn't that much. My sales have just sucked.

I'm hopeful it'll get better soon. Everyone has some weeks that suck, after all.

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