Monday, April 20, 2009

Please do not touch the waitresses.

A few days ago, it was pathetically slow at work. I was sitting on the bench in the lobby talking to the hosts, with the top of my head resting against the bottom edge of the bar's television cabinet. Basically, I was sitting with my back to the bar area, and my long braid was hanging down behind me. I was just chatting, and I felt someone walking behind me; I assumed it was a customer, until somebody seized my hair and gave it a good pull, knocking my skull against the television cabinet!

Then I assumed it was a coworker, because .... well, who else would it be? There are several of them who like to tug on peoples' hair playfully. So I didn't react and kept talking, until a completely unfamiliar voice shouts "Wake up!"

Yep, it was a customer; not even a regular, not even one of my tables. Nobody I'd ever seen before just walked by and yanked on my hair. And then was laughing about how I didn't react, not seeming to notice that neither me nor the hosts were laughing with them. Who the fuck does that?


Steven Nicolle said...

A very rude egotistical customer that is who. What is it with some people.

Aunty Pol said...

Long time reader de-lurking here..

In any other situation, the act could have been considered assault..

Oh , things like this dim the fondness I cling to when I think of my younger days working FOH . Of course being younger and cheery 24/7 was a long time ago, ...I've taken the easy paty for the lasst 28 years and work for attorneys..LOL

Good Luck..hang in are a wonderful writer.

purplegirl said...

I wonder what's with people too--who the fuck goes around touching strangers, seriously! I mean, I know that working in a restaurant means having much less of a personal bubble especially with coworkers. But there's only so much customers can invade that space before it's just fucking rude.

Thanks for de-lurking, Aunty Pol! :) I'm sure working for attorneys is much easier than working for the general public! :)

Banquet Manager said...

If he comes in again, piss in his coffee.
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