Thursday, May 14, 2009

So Tuesday actually ended up being okay.

I was incredibly frustrated by the people who left me nothing; and also with the people who left me less than ten percent after being a gigantic pain in the ass regarding birthday desserts/singing. The person whose birthday it was didn't want singing or dessert, but his sister was being an utter bitch about it, telling every employee who passed by, etc. We sang, and the guy was pissed, and then some other person paid and apparently he wasn't happy either. But regardless of that, it ended up being a decent night: my next two tables left me $10 on $26 and $15 on $35, so even with the two sucky tables I still got fifteen percent after tipping the bartender. Definitely could have been worse!


Steven Nicolle said...

It somehow all evens out at times. But the stuff we have to go through to get it.

G.H. said...

ya. you could have had a night like poor carrot.