Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I'm a quitter.

Well, I'm not yet, but I will be soon. I can't take this shit anymore. I worked six hours tonight and made $29. My sales were $470, I should've made at least $50. But between the douchebag hill folk, the people who took up a fourth of my section to have a single margarita each instead of sitting at the bar three feet away, the snotty bitches who looked at me like I was something smelly the entire time, the mother and daughter who were fighting the entire time and left me three fucking cents ..... yeah. $29.

I went in to work in a great mood, too. The first couple of hours, I was happy and cheerful and thought to myself, "This is why I'm still here, I work with great people, the work isn't that hard. I'm having fun tonight!"

I didn't make a single mistake tonight. People were just being cheap fuckers. And I'm fucking over it. I may not make as much overall with an hourly job once you factor in taxes, but at least I'd know how much I'd be getting every week. But I am fucking done busting my ass taking care of assholes who don't bother to tip on percentage or service, but instead make up some random arbitrary fucking number.

I wanted to quit on the spot tonight, I was so pissed.


Steven Nicolle said...

I don't blame you. It is easy to say hang in there but you need to pay bills and live. A la carte is dying in a lot of places. People are not leaving much. Unless you work where the rich go forget it. The future is not good hoping JoeBlow leaves anything behind for most of us to live on. Find something where the money is guaranteed like a busy function place that does weddings etc. and get paid your $150 cash at the end of the shift.Check the agencies out.What you are doing now will not get much better.

cd0103 said...

All my friends in the food service industry are hurting. It makes me so angry. If you can't afford to go out, dine, and tip appropriately, then you need to stay home or go eat fast food.

purplegirl said...

WE, I might just try that. I love a lot of things about where I work--mostly my coworkers, and a level of familiarity--but damn.

cd0103, me and my coworkers say that at least once a day every day, that if you can't afford to tip, go to fucking Burger King!

Jessi said...

So I just randomly stumbled apon your page and I will be following you from here on out..

I know exactly how you feel on a day to day basis. Going in with a great attitude that gets shot down so quickly, especially by shitty tippers. And I also have many of those "I could quit right now" moments, way too often in fact. But there really are no other jobs out there right now!!

purplegirl said...

Hi Jessi! You're right about the lack of jobs, that's for sure. I've been looking, but there's just very little out there.