Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Critiquing other servers.

I'm out to lunch with my grandma, and I find myself analysing our server. He seemed grumpy, for one thing--no smiles. And he also said "you guys take your time." Neither of us are guys, and he's about fifty so should know better. Not that it offends me or my grandma, I just noticed.
Oh god. My grandma just pronounced the Ls in pico de gallo.
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G.H. said...

Its the curse of being a server. We will forever judge anyone ever serving us. Its ridiculously annoying.

Atlas Bugged said...

It never goes away either... 2 years out and I still can't relax at a restaurant.

AK said...

I do that, and I also get over-eager for the server to like me (there will be no talking about me in the kitchen!!).

purplegirl said...

You guys make me feel so much more normal. :)