Wednesday, July 1, 2009

When 15% isn't enough.

I had an older lady and her grandson at one of my tables last night. She had a salad; he had some mac and cheese. They lady was perfectly polite, and normally the $3, 15% tip she left would've been just fine.

But the kid puked. Quite spectacularly, actually. The stuff was splashed all over the floor and wall of the entrance to the freaking kitchen. Thank god we have two doors so we could go around it, because it was just disgusting. In full view of most of the restaurant, too. And then he threw up all over the ladies' room, as well.

When the staff has to clean up your kid's biological waste, 15% is the equivalent of "fuck you".


JumpIt said...

We don't clean up the puke. The Manager supplies to parents/guardian/whoever with the needed supplies to clean it up, but we don't touch it.


purplegirl said...

I wish we could do that, but that's not showing "hospitality". I admit, I didn't clean it--the manager might get paid enough to deal with bodily fluids, but I certainly don't. But the woman didn't know that, and I think it's tacky to tip so poorly regardless of who cleaned it up.

Maybe she'll have learned not to let the kid slam down two glasses of chocolate milk, an order of mac and cheese, and a bowl of chili in ten minutes!

LW said...

Whoa.I'm glad we don't have chocolate milk at my place. It seems to be the cause of many a puking incident.