Sunday, August 23, 2009

Why do they do this to us?

All the servers at my restaurant are gagging for more shifts--with school starting and books to be bought, or school supplies for kids, or lawyers for custody battles and divorces, etc. etc., everybody wants to work more. We have a hostess/server who's on the brink of quitting because they're only giving her one serving shift a week. Any given shift, there are at least two people trying to pick it up. We're also heading in to fall, so the patio will be closed soon (THANK GOD), which means they'll be schedule one less server every shift--that's 14 shifts being cut out in the next month or so. AND we'll be going back to winter hours, when we close an hour earlier every night, so closers are taking an income hit there.

So what do my genius managers decide to go? Promote another hostess and hire two more servers. Are you fucking kidding me? What the hell goes through their minds when they make these decisions?

They already took one of my shifts for Brainless a couple of months ago; if they take any more there's going to be serious issues.


AK said...

That happened to my restaurant, too. The managers are quite vocal about it: "it's better to have more people on and you guys not screwing up, because labor is so cheap, than it is to have a few people messing up a lot".

Valid. But how about the nights that we're way over-staffed and we're all making $30.....? Cool.

Steven Nicolle said...

These places seem to over hire. The business is all part time now. And if anyone sucks they can just get rid of them and replace with fresh blood.Not you though!

LW said...

My restaurant was hiring for three shifts. They hired three people and are now trying to figure out how to schedule them. I don't get it.

eternalcarryoutgirl said...

My restaurant is going through this right now wit busboys and dishers. My favorite of the new people is starting to really get pissed because he's only getting 2 shifts a week.

purplegirl said...

I guess it's a universal thing--but I just don't understand. They bitch about their labor cost being too high as it is!