Monday, October 19, 2009

Highlights of Hell night.

Last night was a total clusterfuck, both for me personally and the store as a while. Highlights include:

-computer system totally crashing, resulting in lost tickets and ridiculous wait times.
-credit card system crashing separately of that, that was super fun.
-expo (Perpetua) having to leave because of yet another "family emergency", so Pot Smoking Manager had to expo.
-PSM completely screwing up expo, resulting in even more ridiculous wait times.
-one of my customers finding a spotted green cucumber beetle in his salad.
-my left contact lens rolling up in my eye and ripping in half, which meant I had to take it out and wander around with fucked up vision for the rest of the night.

Due to a combination of all of those, I forgot one of my tables was waiting to pay. They may have been staring at me or something, but my vision was so fucked up that .... yeah. They weren't happy, and they took their receipt with the corporate survey on it with them. I wouldn't be surprised if I get my ass chewed when I get to work today.

Thank god we had PSM last night, though, rather than Lapdog or GM--they would've flipped the fuck out and made everything ten times worse.


Steven Nicolle said...

Oh man what a night that must have been!

BB said...

Sounds like a nightmare! Especially the credit card machine!!

Vijay Eswaran said...

Phew..It must be a long day..
HAHAH Green Cucumber Beetle..
Did he scream?

purplegirl said...

It was a nightmare, for sure. I could do without another day like that, ever.

He didn't scream, he just looked disgusted! It really wasn't that terrible, it just looked like a green ladybug. Couldn't been much worse!