Monday, January 17, 2011

I am your waitress. Order from me.

It drives me fucking insane when I see my tables stopping other people to order from them, or walking up to the bar to order their drinks. Now, if I'm totally slammed, that's one thing. If I've just been at the table, there's no reason to flag someone else down to order a salad. Newsflash: You're still going to pay for it. I'll see you eat it, and I'll make sure it's on your ticket.

Going to the bar is another dumbass thing. I had a table last night that had literally just sat down -- in fact, three out of four were seated, the fourth didn't even sit down before going to the bar to order his beer. I was approaching the table as he walked by me to order from the bartender. I felt like grabbing him by his poofy, scraggly mustache and dragging his ass back to the table. Because the bartenders don't need any more sales. They get away with ringing in groups of bar guests under one guest number, and they by default have a lot more drinks; so they're already at the top of the damn upselling game. I need that point for a beer under my name so I don't get fired for something retarded!

And that aside, since I know most customers wouldn't have a clue -- it's just plain fucking rude.


Dragonfly said...

I was one of the waitresses flagged down over the weekend, and it made me so mad. The table that flagged me down was a freaking 50-top. They had 2 servers dedicated to their party, and only their party, which of course had stragglers. The leader of the party told them to wait for the rest before taking meal orders. The rest had just walked in, and the servers were getting the drinks for the stragglers - they literally just left the party.

One of the idiots with the party caught me at the computer stand, while I was ringing in an order for my own tables, and were like "Uhh, we want to order, but don't know where are server is, so can you come with me?" AND THEN GRABBED MY ELBOW.

I pulled my arm away, turned around faster than I've ever moved in my life to face this guy (who was a good foot taller than me, and probably had 100 lbs on me!) and screeched "DO NOT TOUCH ME AGAIN OR ELSE YOU WILL LEAVE NOW WITHOUT YOUR FOOD. SIT DOWN AND YOUR SERVERS WILL BE THERE AS SOON AS THEY HAVE YOUR DRINKS READY."

I screamed loud enough that talking stopped in the immediate area. I was so embarrassed. A couple of my tables heard - thank god one of those tables was one of my boyfriend's coworkers and his wife. (Ha, I say coworkers... they're Marines.) The wife gave me mad props, and overtipped me so much. Which is good, because the management "needed to talk with me" after the shift was through, of course.

Because yelling at someone for invading my personal space and touching me inappropriately is a firable offense, right? Of course it is, except for when you threaten your boss to file for unemployment AND wrongful termination under sexual harassment laws.

The Restaurant Manager said...

It's amazing how rude and clueless people can be! Lucky for us they love to eat out!

SkippyMom said...

I just have to say to Dragonfly - I don't let my own husband grab me in that manner there is NO WAY a stranger is going to try to lead me somewhere even if my job is customer service. When is the public going to learn KEEP YOUR HANDS TO YOURSELF. I hate to be touched by anyone I don't know and especially as a server.

Cranky it is the most annoying thing that people don't have patience anymore. Their idea of a 3 minute wait and ours is - they claim "Well I have been waiting for 25 minutes" No - you have been waiting for 3 and YOUR server will be with you in a sec.

Don't touch me.

Squishy said...

I think I had over three people in two shifts put their hands on me this weekend. Including a manager. I got angry, yelled at the manager, and then asked to be transferred off the two tables.

Keep your hands to yourself! Oh and if you're serving me and I ask for medium, they bring me well done, and you don't ask about it for 10 minutes so I can get a new steak, you blow. I went to F. Mcclintocks last night for a new york steak. They are now charging for their salads and I even asked the manager to take the steak back, and he said "Well sometimes the grill runs hot. Does it taste good?" and my response was "It has a lot of flavor but I like my meat medium, not medium well to almost completely done". They didn't take it back! I am never going there again and the server did not deserve a tip after leaving glasses empty. I hate the fact also that they would not return the gift card balance which by under state of california law any gift card balance under 10 dollars has to be refunded.

I hate it when I do my job awesome, and yet when I go out to eat I get treated like crap.


And yes..we ordered our drinks from the server, not the bartender. Bartenders are useless.

Cielo Gold said...

Being a bartender, I get to experience the wrath of my servers when one of their customers approaches the bar to order a drink instead of ordering it at the table.

If the party hasn't sat at their table yet, I'll make all the drinks that they want. Once the party has been seated, I direct them back to the server and tell them they have to order at their table.

It's people like this who have probably never worked a day of their life in the restaurant industry. It's pretty obvious by how clueless they are.

yellowcat said...

I hate when they order from the hostess. Calm the fuck down. Your ass isn't even in the seat yet and you are interrupting her to shout out your food order. It's called patience. Grow some or go to McDonalds.