Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My favorite V-Day bitch.

Pretty much sums up the whole night.
(My house Internet is out and god only knows when it'll get fixed. I can do limited stuff from my phone, but won't be able to answer comments yet. Bloody Comcast.)


Bunny said...

WTF? And seriously, I want to know what the hell they ate that a party of 3 only spent $32 on food?! Some people really just need to eat at home.

And BTW...Comcast is the devil.

Kara Hoag said...

Deuchy McDeucherson Asswipes.

visions unto myself

pixienighingale said...

As far as the meal, dude, seriously - you'd have to REALLY neglect me to get NO TIP (it has only happened once).

And Comcast in indeed the Devil - that's why we're getting Covad at my apartment. FREAKING BUSINESS INTERNET so I can surf the web at the same time my husband does.

Granted, usually it's watching Hulu and playing WoW that we're doing that cripples our service, but seriously? Sometimes we're both just checking email and it craps out.

*clears throat*

I'm sorry, agreed - table of three ere in the wrong. I just really dislike COMCAST.

Amanda said...

"Poor tip"? Didn't she mean "no tip"? I agree, douche baggery at it's finest. I tip 10-15% for poor or mediocre service, and 20-25% for good to great service. What is wrong with the rest of the world?! lol

The Restaurant Manager said...

That's terrible! Karma will catch up with them!

SkippyMom said...

We all have off nights, but the idea that you gave such poor service as to warrant no tip is absurd.

They just wanted an excuse to be cheap. And assholes.

Sorry sweetheart.

If it makes you feel any better you won a giftcard from us. :)

[And Comcast is of the devil. HATE]

Hope you get your interwebs back soon. We miss you.

savingmalachi said...

Amen! Miss you Purple! And Comcast is evil, but DirectTV is almost worse at times and my latest blog post is on how Verizon is even worse!

Those cheapskates.Let's hope they didn't fill out a survey

DMT said...

If I had been given an obnoxious note like that I would have called the bitch out on it. Excuse me miss but I did A,B,C all the way to Z for you so would you mind telling me just what I did wrong?

Oh I see so you're just cheap, well I have a tip for you, if you're going to be dont try to justify it and make the server feel bad about with an obnoxious note. Just face up to the fact that you're a cheap bitch and leave without a note or leaving a tip you cheeky fucking cunt!

Okay you should leave the second part out but it will be conveyed pretty well if you challenge them on the note and so what if they complain? Just tell your manager well they left a note saying my service was terrible I just wanted to ask what I had done to offend them because I thought I thought I gave excellent service

Anonymous said...

I can't even imagine how frustrating that must have been! Some people need to be taught a lesson in manners! I wonder where she works... :)

fuckmytable said...

And poor patron behavior results in poor service, because you don't deserve good service.

What a fucker.

Sarah said...

You should post their first and last name in the shitty tipper data base. or put her name behind your counter so that if she ever comes in again she'll be treated accordingly.

purplegirl said...

This one's still kinda pissing me off. Yeah, I rang in one wrong meal for them -- although I'm still fairly sure that she ordered her husband shrimp! - but they got a free extra meal, I apologized, they were perfectly polite to me, and then this. Fucking bitches.

Elizabeth Singleton said...

You gave them a free meal, and they STILL gave you no tip? How do you not slap people? I commend you for doing this job- I'd get fired pretty quickly. Douchebags.

Anonymous said...

That woman has no credibility. Everyone and their mother knows that poor service merits a 10% tip. I've never tipped below 20%, but if a server absolutely went out of their way to give me bad service, I would only sink to a 10% tip (and the server would have to be BAD for me to do that. Chances are, my conscience would still kick in and I'd go for 20% or at least 15%).

No tip means that the person is a cheap, ungrateful ass who wants to blame their shortcomings on the individual that they ran like a dog all night.