Monday, March 7, 2011

Ranch bomb.

I don't understand why Rehab is allowed to act the way she does. She's done several things in the last week alone that would be the rest of us seriously talked to, if not fired with the hired she has. Last night she made one of the sweetest, cheeriest woman I work with cry. She cleared something off the expo screen that had already left the kitchen, and Rehab freaked out and followed her to the end of the kitchen screaming about "Don't touch my screen! Don't mess with me!" The poor woman just walked out of the kitchen and started crying.

A few days ago, Pot Smoking Manager was trying to help Rehab expo, because she was absolutely buried. He was pulling salads and fried items from the far side of the window and pushing them down the window so she could grab things without having to walk back and forth. Rehab started yelling at him, telling him to get out of her way, he was fucking her system up. She continued yelling that she was looking for things where they were supposed to be, she couldn't expo like this, and that he needed to quit trying to do her fucking job. Eventually PSM just quit trying to help and walked away from the crazy woman. Now PSM might be the sort of junior manager, but still, why is she allowed to talk to any manager that way?

But she's now progressed to using salad dressing as a weapon. Our only guy server on Wednesday made her angry -- didn't respond quickly enough to her screaming for a runner, or something -- and Rehab turned around with a ramekin full of ranch and threw it down at his feet like a bomb, splattering him, the kitchen, the counters, and other servers with ranch. Wait, that's not new -- I ended up with ranch all over my hair one day when she did that to me!

She swears at the cooks, swears at the servers, swears at the managers, screams and yells loudly enough the customers can hear her, gets angry when we ask her for the things we're supposed to ask her for .... why is she still employed, again?


SkippyMom said...

Definitely a brain twister as why she still has a job. I understand [and don't mind] swearing in the BOH - but that is way over the top.

Good luck staying off of her warpath. She seems like a real peach.

Anonymous said...

She still has a job becasue she likely is sucking chrome off a tail pipe ....ahem...

Anonymous said...

This is exactly why I had to get out of Chili's. They were not consistently enforcing their policies, and only made sure to follow things to a T if it was someone that "deserved" it. It was infuriating. If even one person isn't allowed to talk to a manager that way, no person should be allowed to talk to a manager that way. Inconsistency breeds animosity.

Deanna said...

Wow, that's crazy!

Bagel Fairy said...

She's either sucking some serious D like anonymous said, or she is related to someone. That, or they're having trouble filling her position. Either way, it's bullshit, and I simply laugh when managers complain they can never find/keep good people.

Noelle said...

I suspect if someone doesn't get rid of her soon. Someone is gonna find her dead body by the dumpster. She's nasty.

Malachi the Cocktail Slinger said...

When I dealt with horrific people like that at the Fish Haus and other jobs, I found that they typically had some element of positive contribution that managers deemed worthy enough to rationalize keeping them around. Is she good at her job? Maybe she uses her temper as an excuse because she went to rehab and is trying to regain footing working in a stressful environment without self-medication? I admit, I wasn't the sweetest thing when I quit eating Xanax and drinking tequila at work, but I certainly knew I'd have to man up and change my ways eventually, and she should too.

Are there not enough people qualified to take over her position? Mgmt. should be trying to replace her with someone a lot more gracious and grown-up-like with the same skills. Seriously, are not even trying to recruit someone from even another restaurant who matches this description?

Eff them for keeping her on, she's out of control, and her value as an expo is dramatically declining compared to her impact on morale. Throwing things at people is an absolute no-no... I hope she moves on!

Anonymous said...

I once worked at the old POHI and we had a cook that went bolistic when one of the servers said, "I'm sorry, but this club is supposed to be no tomatoes". He held up a knife, pointed it toward her and said "I'll show you no tomatoes!". She ran into the ladies room, terrified.
He put the knife down and clenched his fists. He punched himself in the head, alternating sides, for about 2 minutes. He was SCREAMING, "I HATE MY FUCKING JOB!I HATE MY FUCKING LIFE!I NEED A FUCKING BREAK!"
Not only could everyone hear him yelling, they could hear the impact of his fists hitting his own face. They couldn't see him, however, and I'm not sure if that made it settle better or worse for them.
It did get the manager back there to cover him for a break. He wasn't fired, but he did get a vacation... not sure who's idea that was- but I remember everyone being grateful for that.
I'm not sure if I was lucky or not that he seemed to have a thing for me. He'd even come in on his days off to sit in my station and drink hot tea....even long after he quit.

purplegirl said...

If Rehab were especially good at her job, I could understand them keeping her around. But we have two people who are much better expos, and really, how freaking hard can it be to hire around one? Servers seem to be disposable, so I don't know why she's so different!

And that screaming cook story is scary! Damn!

Anonymous said...

Yeah it's sad that you have to endure working with someone who has obviously lost her shit, but clearly the REAL tragedy here is the loss of all that perfectly good, perfectly delicious Ranch dressing.

Dat shitz gots to stop, yo.

D and R

yellowcat said...

Fucking hell. If she ranch bombed me, I'd shove that ramekin so far up her ass she wouldn't be able to scream at anyone ever again. I hate people who create more stress and chaos than there needs to be.