Thursday, March 26, 2009

Between guilt and a snow storm.

So I was scheduled to work in forty minutes. But we're having seriously crappy weather today. It took my roommate two hours to get home this morning. Two hours to go eleven miles. I had a message on my phone from work saying to call later because they probably wouldn't need me, and after hearing horror stories from my roommate, and my mother, and seeing on the news that the highway patrol is advising people not to go out, and seeing all the closures .... I called work as requested and they tried to tell me they were full at 2:30 in the afternoon and needed me to come in.

I put my foot down and refused. My rear-wheel drive ghetto buggy probably wouldn't even make it out of my neighborhood, and even if it did, I'm not risking my life and spending hours on the road to and from work to make no money because nobody with half a brain will be out. I will be extremely shocked if I hear tomorrow that they were busy in the least.

But I feel guilty. I've been the manager in this situation before. I know it sucks. I feel bad for everyone who does go in today. So here I sit, watching "Wife Swap" in the pajamas and feeling like an asshole.


Steven Nicolle said...

Your safety is more important. Enjoy the day. It is of course normal to feel bad about not going in but like you say you wouldn't have made any money anyway.

jacque said...

I hate that guilt! We had a snow storm were I couldn't get to work for a week. Work said they understood but I felt like I was obligated at the same time. At my old job I was the boss lady and had no choice it sucked when my employees didn't show!

Food Service Ninja said...

your claim on guilty feelings went away when they claimed to be full at 230 in the afternoon. Thats a lie no place is full at 230 unless they run a late lunch then by time you arrive it will be dead