Saturday, March 19, 2011


I'm getting really sick of the back-stabby tatteltaling going on. We're not in kindergarden anymore, people.

One of the new girls, who I'm pretty sure is going to piss me off frequently enough to write about so I'm going to call her Tiffany, went running to CL last night claiming that another server, who's a trainer, hadn't rolled any silverware. Totally a bitch move even if it had been true -- which it technically was, but only because she had a trainee to be her sidework bitch. Even more ridiculous, Tiffany didn't do her own sidework! She told the other closer "you have to sign me out, I have to go on a liquor run!" and the other coworker stupidly signed her, thinking it was a liquor run for the store. Nope. And Tiffany hadn't cleaned her section at all. Fucking new guys.

Then there's all sorts of little piddly crap -- "So-and-so didn't offer a specific drink to their table!" kind of crap. Again, FNGs for the most part.

But the queen of squealing is definitely Rehab. She doesn't even try to be subtle about it at all. She steps away from the expo line in the middle of rushes to tell CL stupid shit like "PurpleGirl scooped ice with a glass  instead of the scoop!" and "Accent Girl put liquid in glasses before ice!" The other night, surrounded by servers, when we had been on a wait for an hour and were all absolutely slammed, she was tattling that "person after person just kept scraping ice out of the bottom! None of them got more!" Well, no we didn't, you stupid nosy bitch, since the bin wasn't actually empty, only low, and we were fucking busy.

Then she complains that we aren't bringing to straw hotpads back quick enough. Then we're getting in her way to get dressings. Then we're in trouble for asking her for dressings! She's always telling the manager on duty that this person or that person isn't running food. If something is rung in wrong -- even something that doesn't require management attention, like "no tomato" on a burger -- you can be damned sure Rehab is going to yell and scream about it and tell the managers how people, and specific people, are "fucking up" all the time.

One of the little rules we have is that our specially priced happy hour appetizers aren't allowed to be taken to go. If someone orders a to go appetizer, we're supposed to charge them full price. However, that has never been enforced when a table orders something to go. It happens all the time: people eat, then order a cheap appetizer to take with them. Nobody ever charges those customers full price.

Well, today Rehab suddenly decided that wasn't okay. One server (who's actually supposedly friends with Rehab) rang in a to go app for a table. Right in front of the server, and without talking to her first, Rehab hollers to the manager, "Lapdog! T. ordered a happy hour appetizer to go, and she's not allowed to do that!" It turned in to a whole huge thing because Lapdog misunderstood and jumped T's shit about it, T was pissed at Rehab, Rehab was smirking at how smart she was to be telling on everybody .... every night I work with this woman, I wonder why they keep such a disruptive, bitchy person around!


SkippyMom said...

What's really sad is I bet she isn't a teenager - because at least you could blame her behavior on immaturity. Rehab is the reason I hate a large portion of the female population - their back stabby lil' beyotches and I can't stand it.

Turn the tables on her - call her out on everything and see how she likes it. She simply cannot be perfect.

SkippyMom said...

*they're not their. oops!

Cheaper than Ramen said...

The same thing is happening at my job, but they're all teenagers. Is there ever a point where management doesn't tolerate this behavior? It's ridiculous!

Anonymous said...

There is very little you can do to make management want to fire these two more than they are doing to themselves. The managers will get tired of hearing them whine soon enough

Jeremy said...

You can buy flavorless liquid exlax alternatives that could accidentally end up in her drink, she'd go home and there would be peace in the world. Do it every time she's a bitch. Pavlovian response might win out over douchyness.

Pademelon said...

That is exactly the reason I refuse to go back to serving. It's a tough job to begin with but hard work is rewarding. I can handle customers, including the monumentally retarded and the certifiably insane. But the backstabbing and the clique-like behavior is too much. It's been prevalent in every restaurant/catering job my husband or I have ever worked. Management never seems to care. I know they are limited by who's applying but a lot of managers seem to reward this type of stupid behavior.

I'm sorry you have to deal with it at your job! Sounds like some of your coworkers came from the same asylum as many of your customers!