Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A kneecap over the line.

I miss my computer! Gaaaah!
A couple of nights ago, my "Work Wife" rang in a burger that normally comes with fried onions. Well, somehow we were out of onions. Which I think just meant the lazy cooks didn't want to chop more. Anyway, WW ordered the burger with "no fried onion sub onion ring" - our onion rings are pre-battered so we still had those.
Well, Rehab sent the burger out with rings instead of fries. WW brought it back and Rehab totally lost her shit. Started screaming, saying WW was wrong, it was her fault, and "I'm not fucking fixing it!" Then she told WW to get out of "her" kitchen.
I ended up getting some of her tables' drinks because of that; it's bullshit any of us are afraid to do part of our jobs because of this bitch. But it gets worse. The next time WW did go into the kitchen, Rehab said to the person next to her, "watch this!" And she fucking mule-kicked WW right in the knee.
HotPants told her to leave after that, but I bet you that'll be her only "punishment."


SkippyMom said...

WRONG! She needs to be fired for assaulting WW. PERIOD.

WW needs to file assault charges. No other way.


sorry - Rehab pre meditated it by saying "Watch this!" She needs to be gone - last Tuesday.

DMT said...

What a vindictive upstart! That fucking cunt deserves to be on the fucking welfare how dare she. You have no right to ever do anything like that to another person even if you are so deluded that you think you are entitled to do it. Never!

Deanna said...

She should totally press charges!

Bouncin' Barb said...

Not tolerable under any circumstances, EVER. If they keep this person I'd be furious.