Sunday, January 4, 2009

So funny, I forgot to laugh.

I love people who think joking about my tip is funny. How would they like it if their boss joked about "since you forgot something for thirty seconds, you're not getting paid for this hour!" Today is was a table of three woman, one who informed me she wanted "Hot tea. With real cream. Green tea. And water." without ever looking at me. I had just gotten double sat. So I came back, with a tray full of nine drinks, and as I'm setting her tea down, I laughed and said "I'm sorry, I was so busy making sure I got your cream that I forgot the tea bag!" Her friend pipes up with "Ooooooooh, uh oh! And she's the one paying your tip to! Uh oh!"

There's nothing I can say to that without sounding snotty. I can't laugh without it sounding sarcastic, because I'm not good at faking laughter. So I just said "Oh, lucky for me I can run right back to the kitchen for it then!" with a smile. Apparently that wasn't good enough, because I got a 7% tip. Bitches.


Simon said...

I've said it before, and I'll say it again - I could NEVER do your job. The working hard and the serving of food and drinks? Fine. But dealing with people like this, and the people who treat you like dirt... man I would be convicted of ABH, GBH, and probably pre-meditated murder before each shift was finished. There is no excuse for rude people. I think it helps if you've worked in customer service (I have worked on I.T Helpdesks for about 10 years in my past) because then you know how to treat people in a service industry. You know how YOU liked to be treated so you did the same. I admire your patience.

purplegirl said...

I can always tell the people who've had customer service jobs, simply because they ARE polite and treat me like a human being. Thankfully there are enough of them to save me from going completely batshit crazy.

I will say that having to hold my tongue so much at work has made me much more less likely to take things quietly in the rest of my life. Not standing up for myself at work has helped teach me to do it otherwise. But still, holding my tongue is definitely the most difficult part of the job.