Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hilarity courtesy of megaphon!

Haha, I love it!

btw, thanks everyone for your comments. I truly do read them all even when I'm too busy, tired, or pissed the fuck off to answer!


Anonymous said...

I get that getting paid under minimum wage sucks, but why is it people complaing about having to claim 85% of their tips on their taxes?? If it's what gives you most of your income then you shold be taxed just like anyone else..if you worked elsewhere all of your income would need to be claimed so...

Jen Hatch said...

It's a matter of things seeming unfair because the common worldview is skewed.

A lot a places, most people don't claim all of their tips. In fact, I would say it's "all restaurants" (except possibly the ones with tip pooling), with the note that there are a few servers who are exceptions to the rule.

Because it is so widespread, it seems like "having" to claim all of our tips is "unfair"--even though, technically, the (unenforced) rule in EVERY establishment is that we have to claim all of them. It's just that common practice is, people don't.

Oh, and why is that the (unenforced) rule in EVERY establishment? Because it's the fucking law. And, because I love my country in spite of its general fuckuppery, I really DO claim all of my tips. But I may well be the only one at my restaurant who does.

But again, if you've been allowed to do something which is technically against the rules for umpity-ump years and no one's said a thing, it's going to seem like an imposition when you can't do it any more. Like if you had a boss who routinely bought your lunch when you went out to a business meeting, and you got a new boss who doesn't do that, it's going to seem like you "lost" something. In reality, Old Boss was doing you a favor, and you can get the hell over not getting that favor on a regular basis. Still, though, it's going to feel like you're getting screwed when you have to buy your own damn lunch.

And I can't overemphasize how widespread this practice is. On the other hand, though, there are days when you have to claim MORE than you made (because the way they track it makes it seem like you made more.) Those days suck balls, and typically I drop down my claimed tips the next day to balance it out. (Friday--made 100, claimed 110. Saturday--made 100, claimed 90.)