Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Thanks, Anonymous.

I got the following comment today: "Deal with it or a get a real job."

Thanks for your input on a post that's three fucking years old, idiot. People make me laugh.


Nexxxus Ramblings said...

what a douchebag there head must still be up there ass

Skippy1 said...

Things must be a little slow in Momma's basement this morning. That, or his "Chat Room for the Socially Inept" was down for maintenance*.

[*maintenance = read: "Online Group Masturbation session to which he was not invited."]

I love Anonymous comments. So sad really.

Amy said...

Clearly they do not have a life...

FYI I've been a long time reader of your blog, wishing you all the best with your work (glad you have a manager who will take your side) and in your personal life.

ktree said...

Idiot. Money all spends the same. If you earn it, you have a real job.
Also I LOVE FRAT BOY. I want to marry that dude and immediately have all his babies.

Renee Russell said...

I HATE people who say get a "real" job when someone works in the food industry! It's not like we're selling drugs or hooking on the corner! STFU people! You're no better than anyone else! PS, I know you're not a server anymore! I still am & I'm more than slightly cranky! LOL!

purplegirl said...

You guys make me laugh. :)

Nexxxus, I have no doubts -- I'd say that person's head is up to the small intestine by now!

Skippy, you are fucking hilarious. :)

And thank you, Amy, I'm egotistical enough to enjoy someone saying they've read my rambling for so long! Haha!

ktree, I love Frat Boy too. He stills comes to find me and bother me sometimes. :)

Renee, I'm glad you're out there keeping the cranky alive!