Monday, August 11, 2014

Faith in humanity: restored

I had a family of three today that just gave me a weird feeling. They were all very polite. Very friendly. They all made eye contact while speaking and said please and thank you. It was almost too polite and too much eye contact. I just had a feeling that I was in for a verbal tip.

Pictured: a typical indicator of a poor tip.
When they left, the man handed me the money ... sandwiched in to a prayer pamphlet. I smiled and said thank you and wished them a good day, while silently steeling myself the kind of tip I'm accustomed to from Bible thumpers.

So imagine my shock when I went in to the kitchen and pulled out the money ... and found they had left me two crisp, perfect fifty dollar bills. Their bill was a little under $75. Now, I know there are places where that kind of tip is nothing. But for three people at Generic Corporate Restaurant? Holy cow.

I chased them out in to the parking lot to thank them and tell them that they made my day.


Amanda Beckmann said...

You may have heard this but thought youd like it! Great blog by the way!!

purplegirl said...

Holy crap, that is AWESOME!!!