Saturday, May 7, 2011

Oh, for fuck's sake.

Yeah, kind of like this.
Tonight was ridiculously slow, and once again we had ten goddamn servers on the floor. Even better, it was prom night for one of the local schools. One memorable girl was wearing a leopard-print, silver-sequin-edged top skimpier than Princess Leia's. My mother would never have let me out of the house like that even if I were slutty enough.

Luckily for me, I didn't have to wait on them. Instead I had nice mix of families and couples. Except for two of them. Two women came in and had a grand old time chatting over wine and salads and desserts. After two hours they left ….and left me $4 on $38 for my time. Inconsiderate wenches.

But the ones who really pissed me off were a couple who seemed so nice. They were the nicest people I waited on all night, actually. He asked for a drink recommendation; she took about five minutes to decide on a mojito, and kept laughing and apologizing. They ended up switching drinks, which was kind of funny. Their food came out in good time; the only 'problem' was that either they didn't ask for mustard when their food was dropped off or somebody forgot it, because while I was ringing in another order the lady came over and asked for mustard. She was very pleasant about it, and I know they hadn't been waiting long – their food was delivered as I took another order, I took two plates to another table, and was entering the order when she came over.

They gulped down the rest of their food and asked for the bill, then sat for a few more minutes. I didn't bug them because they had money carefully folded up and tucked under the edge of an appetizer plate; I just kept passing by and smiling in case they needed anything. When they left, I was very displeased to find $38.50 left on the table. Their bill was $38.38. Fuck you, dickheads. You had to wait maybe three minutes for your fucking mustard, which you asked somebody else for, and that warrants a 12 cent 'tip'? I hope you get a one cent raise the next time you're up for a review, you cheapasses.


SkippyMom said...

Our kids' high school actually has a website that shows what the girls can & cannot wear to formal dances. Some of the don'ts are cringe worthy but I am glad the thing is up because it keeps it from being an all out whore fest that some of the girls want to make it.

Sorry the tips don't seem to be getting better. I just don't get it with people anymore.

BB said...

Our economy does suck and people still want to eat out but figure they don't have to tip to wait staff. That is just wrong. If you can't afford the tip too, order takeout or stay the hell home.

theblonde said...

Oh, dear lord. I only graduated a few years ago and I can't believe the things girls are wearing to prom now.

DMT said...

What happened to the evening dress and tux combo? at our debs (our v version of the Prom) thats all we wear it may be the only chance in our lives we'll ever get to wear something that fancy why waist that opportunity on something trashy or slutty that you can wear to a night club any day of the week

Also dont you know by now the really really really too good to be true nice ones are only using you to get free stuff pr preferential treatment as soon as you have to say no they turn into the worst of the worst and dont expect any thanks either for doing a few favors or going above and beyond their nice guy act was payment enough

Flippingtables said...

I feel like a change of venue wouldn't be a bad idea for you. Do you see this kind of "appreciation" often? My regrets Lady.

Anonymous said...


Voluntary - LIVE WITH IT.

What makes you think you automatically deserve a tip just for being polite and doing a good job?

You should be doing that anyway - it's what you get paid for. If it isn't enough for you then move on.

Try being grateful for what people GIVE rather than for what you GET.