Wednesday, September 10, 2014

I need a 'duh' discount.

Nothing seemed amiss when the lady at table 12 ordered a Pepsi. I mean, it's Pepsi. It's pretty universal. Right?

Apparently not. After I'd already rung in her order, she waved me over and asked for something else to drink. "I'm diabetic," she said, "so Pepsi is just too sugary for me."

Reminds me of the bitch who sent back a ham sandwich for being "too hammy."


SkippyMom said...

She wasn't diabetic. She just didn't like how sweet the Pepsi was - and sorry, who doesn't know Pepsi is sickeningly sweet? - She just used that as an excuse to get a different drink.

I know too many diabetics that would never, ever order a sugar drink like that.

It's like the GF craze that has hit this country. Avoiding gluten for health is incredibly important [colitis, Crohn's etc] but these geeks that say "Do you have a GF menu or can the chef make me...." but proceed to eat the bread basket empty drive me bananas. They are only GF because they think they'll lose weight doing so, but don't understand what it actually means [hence the bread basket scenario]. Sigh - it makes it so hard on people who have true allergies and conditions that require them to eat a certain way.

Always a pleasure to see you PG - and nice to know you haven't forked anyone [yet. ::wink:: ] Hugs!

purplegirl said...

Oh I hate those people. Especially since I have an aunt who is genuinely gluten intolerant, and because my dad has/had colitis - not that he would listen to me about it. I tried and tried to get him to lay off the gluten, just for a little while, to see if it would help - but his doctor had told him diet had nothing to do with it, it was all genetic, and he didn't need to avoid anything! Are you fucking kidding me? So now my dad has no colon ... sigh.

End random rant!

Susanna Carter Cline said...
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Susanna Carter Cline said...

Just found your blog. As a former waitress I can't wait to read more. I posted earlier about not understanding how to follow you but I deleted it as I figured it out. LOL. Have a great day.