Monday, December 8, 2014

Just like Henry Rollins, I'm a liar.

"Do you do anything with AARP?" a woman asked me yesterday, as she handed me the cash for her bill.

I know damn well what AARP is. I knew she was asking if we had a senior discount (sadly, we do). I looked at the $2 (five percent) tip she had already spread out on the table. I thought about all the raspberry lemonade and cherry Pepsi her adult grandchildren had slammed down. I thought about how every time I tried to ask her a question she refused to make eye contact or speak directly to me - until now, when she wanted money off her bill.

I thought about these things and then I smiled right to her face and said, "No, no we don't."


SkippyMom said...

What age does your senior discount start at tho? If it IS an AARP discount their members begin at age 50 - but most senior discounts I have seen [IHOP, Movie theatres, Bob Evans, etc] start at 60 and older. So it may not have been a lie. She could've had easily been younger than your minimum.

I have adult children [mid twenties] and right now I don't qualify for either.

purplegirl said...

Now why'd you have to go spoil my fun? ;)