Sunday, November 9, 2014

Money problems.

I've had two people in the last two days who just don't quite get how the whole "paying the bill and getting change" thing works.

The first was when I delivered a pizza to a woman. Her total was $15.85. She handed me two dollar bills and said "keep that." Then she gave me a twenty and said "give me change but keep a dollar." Okay ....

The second was possibly even weirder. This rather old gentleman paid his bill with a twenty and a five. His total was $21.11 ... and he told me to give him back one quarter. His son was as baffled as I was and said "Just let her keep it, Dad." But the old guy shook his head and said "No, it's okay." and held out his hand for his quarter.

Whatever, people.


SkippyMom said...

I think the first woman decided at the last minute that 2 bucks wasn't enough, I would give her the benefit of the doubt on a 3 dollar tip on 15.

The second old guy obviously needed that quarter for something, but still. Nice tip.

Always fun when you show up. Miss you!

Anonymous said...

There are some older people who will try to throw you off by handing you 2 pennies after you've hit cash tender. I LOVE to show those people that I can't count even under pressure! lol The quarter was either a test (likely!) or yes, he needed the quarter for the paper or something.
I will admit, I've thrown the snotty girl at the gas station two pennies after she hits cash tender. lol