Saturday, November 15, 2008

More on having the dumb.

I do not know what the hell was up with me tonight! I had probably twelve tables during the dinner rush, and here were problems on every single one. Some were the kitchen's fault (raw salmon, anyone?) and some were mine (forgetting to ring something in). Oh wait, both those things happened on the same table!

I wasn't that busy; I only had a four table section. I didn't have anybody finicky or demanding. I wasn't distracted by anything in particular. I just kept discovering too late that I'd screwed up. It was oddly surreal. How did I manage to ring in a salmon and a trio and not the burger? I was looking right at the pad of paper, I know I was. It felt like I had gremlins in the computer or something.

Despite the copious fuck-ups, I still did pretty damn good tonight (my lunch shift was a whole different story -- sixteen dollars! w00t!). I had great customers who didn't bite my head off or run me like crazy, or stiff me because of anything that went wrong. I'm sure I could've done a little bit better if I hadn't been so out of it, but hey, today I am not complaining.

Except about my retarded blonde moments.

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