Monday, November 23, 2009

That comes with a winning lottery ticket too, right?

Yesterday this guy orders a $9 salad. As I'm picking up the menus, he says, "And that comes with a [$7 alcoholic drink], right?"

I just sort of blinked at him and said no. "Well, I thought I saw it!" he says, reaching for a menu. I let him look at it; he finally shoves it back at me all huffy and muttering that he "saw that".

Right, because all the pictures in the menu? They're exactly what you get. Your margarita comes with a Sam Adams, too.



Steven Nicolle said...

Oh my and his new Ferrari comes with the feature too!

JumpIt said...

Nothing is better than having someone tell you they get X with their meal, and having them become upset and demand to see your menu because THEY KNOW they saw it in there...and you retrieve the menu and watch their face fall as they realize they were wrong. Happens all the time where I work.

purplegirl said...

I do love that let-down look. :)

Aunty Pol said...

Oh do you keep a straight face when that happens...?

Thanks for the LOL


purplegirl said...

I keep a straight face because I know I can immediately run to the kitchen and mercilessly mock the poor unsuspecting customer. :)

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Ah Yes, the relief of the kitchen mock fest :D
That's why I never wanted to be a bartender :D

purplegirl said...

I know, I think without the relief of bitching I'd go nuts!