Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The little things that make my job bearable.

(Sorry about the gap in posts. I try to post every day I work, but I haven't been feeling well the last few days. Always happens this time of year, I get horrid allergy-triggered sinus headaches.)

Last night wasn't anything special in terms of cash flow. Actually, it was pretty disappointing. But it still ranks as one of my best days lately.

First, it was a very smooth shift. I didn't have to put up with Dolly, Tiffany, Snitch, or any of the other pains in the ass who make me want to bitch-slap them every time they open their mouths. We didn't have anyone working who tries to skip out on sidework. We didn't have anyone lazy and uncooperative. That in itself is very rare to have on a shift. The closing crew was Cat-Eyes, Cali Girl, Pot Smoking Manager, and me – perfect.

Second, none of my customers were complete bastards. Again, very rare. I don't remember anyone who made me angry or even irritated. I got decent tips, my lack of income was simply because it was soooo fucking slow.

Third, my favorite customers came in – the guys who left me the condom balloon. They're a damn riot, and I absolutely love when I have time to sit and talk to them. I'd consider them friends now; maybe not share-all-my-secrets friends, but the kind of friends I could call if my car needed a jump or something. So I got to laugh and chat with them for the better part of the night.

And lastly, we were out the door by 12:15! Fuck yes!


SkippyMom said...

I hope you are feeling better soon PG. Those headaches are the worst.

Glad you had a good, although slow, night. Always good when the condom gang comes in. :D

Bouncin' Barb said...

Sounds like all the 'restaurant' stars were in alignment last night for you. Good deal. Hope you're feeling better very soon. Any kind of headache sucks!

JoeinVegas said...

So, would you rather have a nice friendly slow day, or run your butt off with complainers but make more in tips day?

purplegirl said...

Thanks guys, it'll get better in September. Hate summer!

Joe, I'd obviously rather make money, but since I obviously wasn't going to that night, it was nice to not have other shit to drag me down!

fuckmytable said...

Joe, there is no such thing as a "run your butt off with complainers but make more in tips" day. Complainers rarely tip more than 10%. There is, of course, the "run your butt off all day making $2.13/hr while bitches run me like a dog" days where you make half of what you normally would. Those suck.