Friday, December 5, 2008

Aw, hell.

Of all the stupid things to forget to ring in: a medium well steak. Not related to the previous post, different table. I wouldn't even blame them for stiffing me ... Except it was about a five minute delay, and they kept saying it was fine, no big deal, etc. If they'd just said they were pissed or acted like it, I wouldn't have dared to hope.

Actually, I guess one of them did say something. It was the husband's steak that I forgot; he kept telling me it was fine and waving me off when I apologized, and he told the manager they were fine--and of course his steak was free. His wife, though, was kind of bitchy. She and their daughter had their food, so on my first check-back I looked directly at them, NOT THE GUY WITH NO FOOD, and asked "how's your dinner?" Rather than tell me her salad was fine, or whatever, she snidely says "Well, HE wouldn't know."

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