Sunday, June 12, 2011

That was subtle.

I waited on a woman by herself today, who immediately rubbed me the wrong way. And I don't mean in the way that every customer rubs me the wrong way, either. I dislike dealing with the general public, but I really dislike being talked to like I'm a piece of dirt by some snotty woman with a Delta Burke hairdo and extra-thick eyeliner.

But I was polite, and got her the medium well ribeye she ordered. She wanted extra butter for her potato, she needed more tea every five minutes even though her glass was ¾ full, etc. Every time I passed her table it was some bullshit request, but she at least assured me that her meal was good. So I wasn't expecting a tip, but I wasn't expecting any drama either.

When she had finished every last bite except for a stem of broccoli, she pushed her plate to the side. I approached and opened my mouth to ask her about dessert, but she had other plans.
“How much is that ribeye?” she demanded.
“Uhh.” I blinked, not used to getting that question after the entire thing is gone. “It's $16.99, ma'am.”
“HUH!” She snorted. “Well! I'm not paying for it! That wasn't even a ribeye!”
Oh, Jesus H. Christ on a goddamn pineapple, I thought. “We only have ribeyes and sirloins here, ma'am, and I can assure you that was in fact a ribeye.” I thought I was quite polite.
“No, it wasn't! It didn't have a bone in it, ribeyes have bones in them!”
“Some do,” I agreed, “but some don't.” I didn't bother explaining the difference between a ribeye and a Delmonico to this particular steak expert.
“Whatever! That was the worst steak I've ever had, and I'm not paying for it! I don't expect to have a bill!” She glared at me through her smudged eyeliner and mascara.
“Why don't I get the manager for you,” I suggested through clenched teeth, not waiting for her response before I turned on my heel and left.

Lapdog went to deal with the charming witch, and while he did comp her steak (I assume just to shut her the fuck up), he did not comp her drink, salad, or the extra toppings she put on her steak, potato, and vegetables. So the bitch did get a bill. I just hope I don't get her the next time she comes back – because the whiners who get something free always come back – and claims her chicken breast was actually a wing.


SkippyMom said...

Funny I have never had a ribeye with a bone in it - not that I eat a lot of them.

I can't believe your boss comped her steak. I get it was to shut her up, but I hate when people like tht get their wy.

Under Cover said...

"claims chicken breast was a wing" ROFL; good one.

Some people come in planning on making a fuss and getting something for free. I think all restaurants should have a policy: you eat it, you pay for it. Complain before you've devoured the whole darn thing.

PwoodeeCoo said...

Hello Slightly-Cranky, first let me say i love your Blog as i can really relate.

And now... but she ate the whole steak? And didn't pay?

She should of payed and been banned from the restaurant. As waitresses, we don't have time to put up with these con artists.

Again, great Blog :)

Anonymous said...

Skippy - I only see ribeyes with bone in at the grocery store. I've never seen one at a restaurant.

Purplegirl - What a fucking bitch. And THIS is why they shouldn't be given free meals. It sounds like she's done this over and over because she always gets her way. I'm glad he didn't comp anything but the steak, but for fuck's sake...

Rachel said...

I can't believe he comped the bitch's meal. He's a manager...part of that job is telling hysterical, screaming bitches things that they don't want to 'yes, you will pay for your meal.'

DMT said...

lol I've developed a sixth sense I can spot a moan hole a mile off and immoderately it's "shields up go to red alert" I had an asshole come up to me once with just a crust on a plate and say "That sandwich wasn't very nice" I just replied "Oh really? well maybe the next one you buy will taste better" I've no time for con artists.

Anonymous said...

I've had this happen with an order of ribs before. This guys came in and ordered a full slab of ribs, ate every bit, and even got a stain on his white shirt before telling me that they were cold and tasted "different" than they did the last time he was in the restaurant. Usually, when problems arise at my tables, I try to handle them using common sense (and not a manager), but in this case, I just sent a manager his way.

To say that I can't believe this happened would be a lie, but I'm sorry that you had to go through it.

watergirl said...

While it's been some time since I waited tables, I do recall that my manager and the owner were pretty much "you eat it, you pay for it" folks. Of course, I lived in a small town with a big lake where everyone knows your plans before you do so this kind of nonsense wasn't seen much until tourist season.


And speaking of tourists: why the devil they call it tourist SEASON when we're not allowed to SHOOT the buggers is beyond me. :D

I know, I know. Old joke is old. :) It still gives me the giggles. :)


michelle said...

a good time to complain about your meal is NOT after you've finished it!