Monday, December 15, 2008

Escape! Escape!

I let someone pick up my dinner shift tonight. I really shouldn't have; I can't afford to lose the money. But I just could not face going in to work today. Yesterday just sucked all my energy away. A lot of it was me being unreasonably cranky because I'm off my Prozac, but some of it was people being genuine twats as well. I worked six days last week; I was scheduled for six days this week; so today, instead, I chose sanity.

Sadly, while sleeping late, I had another fucking work dream. All I remember is that I had a customer who wants our soup and salad combo, but instead of the soup she wanted hot wings. And then somehow that turned in to the cooks deep-frying a cucumber in hot sauce. What?


Simon said...

twat is a great word - I didn't realise you guys over the water used it. Another good one is 'twunt' - yes, you can work out the two words its taken from!

purplegirl said...

That's my new word of the day. Twunt. Rolls off the tongue quite nicely.