Thursday, December 4, 2008

I wonder if anybody noticed ....

So there's a poster that got put up at work yesterday, for the corporate "open door policy" about problems. At the top it says "Gotta problem? Resolve it".

I couldn't help myself.

I fought off the impulse for hours. Every time I walked into the kitchen, I giggled.

Eventually, I wrote two little words, just "Yo, I'll" on a piece of paper, and then taped that across the "re" in resolve".

Nobody got it that night. I kept waiting for somebody to drop some mad '90s white boy raps, but I waited in vain.


Simon said...

So no-one checked our your hook, while your D.J revolved it?? How sad... :-(

purplegirl said...

I was quite sad. Until I realized my coworkers were probably in one of two places in '91: a drug-induced haze, or a cradle. And then I felt pleasantly superior.