Saturday, December 13, 2008

Your face is fine. Put a bag over that personality.

I've had the distinct displeasure the last two days of working with some truly unpleasant. E's the kind of person who thinks that being a size 2 and pretty means she can treat the people around her like shit. I've rarely met someone so rude and fake.

Mostly, I've tried to ignore her the last several months working at this place. Since she ignores everyone except a very small, select group of people, that wasn't hard. Yesterday I nearly punched her, though, and I'm honestly not prone to violence.

It started with a simple sneeze. Or eight of them, actually, as I'm a chain sneezer. I was ringing in an order, and E came up and started using the computer next to me. At this point, several hours into the night, she had yet to say a word to me. Even when I said hello. She looked over my head as if I were completely invisible.

So anyway, I started sneezing. Unfortunately, as I sneezed more and more, I was concentrating more on not dropping the plates in my left hand than I was on keeping an airtight seal on my face. Basically, somewhere around sneeze six, E apparently felt some sort of spray. These were dry allergy sneezes, so I don't even know what she thought she felt.

Now I'm not saying she should be jumping for joy--obviously, it's gross. Most people, I would've sincerely apologized. But when she dramatically proclaimed "EUCCCCHHH! YOU SPRAYED ON ME!" while arching her body away from me and glaring at me like I'd just infected her with the bubonic fucking plague, I felt she was being a little ridiculous.

"Sorry, I can't help sneezing!"
"Well you could have covered your mouth better!" And she flounces away.
"And you could not be such a bitch, too." Came out of my mouth before I really thought about it. I don't know if she heard me or not. But for the rest of the night, she continued to be ruder than usual--walking right in front of me, nearly hitting me in the face with something she was carrying, etc.

I was prepared to let it go today, but she continued being a twat. V was expediting, and E comes into the kitchen and asks where her food is. As far as I could tell, it wasn't overdue in the least. Then I hear "They don't even have bread down for it? WHAT THE FUCK, V!" (Unfortunately, I got a case of staircase wit and didn't come up with a response until later.) I was too busy being astounded as E exchanged dark, meaningful looks with one of the jackass cooks, mouthing things about how V is incompetent. Of course, V turned around and E slightly belatedly gave her a big grimacey smile.

It was just shit like that all day. The person I shared sidework with asked E to check it, and she tried to argue with me about parmesan cheese par--I work 5-6 days a week, she works two and is never a first cut, so never gets that particular sidework. I was just ready to scream at her. And she gets away with shit with the managers too--like not showering before she came in today. Like not getting her sidework checked before bolting for the night. Like working less than the minimum "required" number of shifts. Like talking work-related shit about one of the bartenders to a customer. Some of that other people who've been there a long time get away with too, so I don't think it's specifically because of her looks, but that is the attitude she has about it.

It drives me nuts. Being a size two, and six feet tall, and having artfully bleached hair, does not entitle you to special priviledges. Neither does being "pretty"--especially when you always have a nasty sneer on your face because you're soooo much better than the people around you.

I hope she's not working tomorrow. I might lose my cool.


Simon said...

She sounds like an uber-bitch. You could always start a rumour that she used to be a man called Fernando.
That could be amusing.

purplegirl said...

That is such a fucking great idea. :)