Friday, February 13, 2009

My name is Robot Waitress.

Tonight's shift wasn't bad at all; I was in a sort of abstracted mood, and I'm sure my coworkers thought something was up because I wasn't constantly slinging sarcasm at them, but really I was just feeling quiet. And my tips reflected that. I did my job, and I kept up on refills and made sure everything went out right and on time, etc. But I just wasn't in to the chit-chat tonight, so I didn't try to talk to my customers about anything. Usually I'll try to find something--a piece of jewelry to comment on, a fact about something I overheard them talking about, etc. But tonight? Nah.

Other than the guy who was all "How YOU doin?", sparking a (brief) conversation about Friends. They were my best tip of the night, unsurprisingly.

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