Sunday, March 1, 2009

The ET finger.

It really annoys me when people feel the need to reach out with one finger to tap their glass or whatever else. Especially old women with long garish fingernails. I always want to be like, use your words bitch!
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jacque said...

one of the girls at my work says that all the time "use your words" but she's generally talking to me. hahaha! if i'm in a hurry and shes in my way, i just grunt. hahahaha. but yes please dont shake your glass at me or point at it like i cant see that its empty. your not the only person i'm helping and i'm doing my best.

Masquerade said...

The only way I don't mind that is if I'm across the restaurant and I happen to catch somebody's eye and they raise an empty glass to me. If I am CLOSER to the drinks than them, it's totally fine, because it's less distance for me to walk.

Someday I'm just going to look at them tapping their glass, smile sweetly and say 'Yes? What did you need?'

purplegirl said...

It especially drives me nuts when I JUST SAID I'd be right back with another drink, and they feel the need to scrap their yellowing acrylic nails against the glass!