Friday, April 17, 2009

The highlight of my evening.

So after my last post, I actually got into a much better mood. This was partially due to one of my coworkers coming in to eat and sitting in my section. He's an annoying little twit sometimes, but weren't we all at eighteen? I have the same sort of relationship with him that I have with my older cousin--basically we're always fucking with each other, putting each other down, etc. So naturally I had to do something when I had him at my mercy.

So when he ordered a Mountain Dew, I doctored it up. I filled the straw with Tobasco. And then I even put the paper wrapper top back on the straw. I'm hilarious.

I didn't make much money, I was there a long time after I should've been, and I had to get a jump because I'd left my car lights on; but I had enough fun with all my coworkers that I still count it as a good shift. Even after the crummy start.


Steven Nicolle said...

Right on!

jacque said...

Tobasco in the straw! Genius! Did he drink it and what was the reaction is what I wanna know!

purplegirl said...

I missed his initial reaction! He was at the bar talking to somebody else when I set the drink down, and when I came out of the kitchen later I just saw him shaking his head at me. When I got to his table he said, knowing full well I'd done something, "You! Why did my throat start burning when I drank this?"

I still got a great laugh out of it. :) FYI, it works better with water, since there's no flavor to interfere with the Tobasco taste. :)