Friday, April 10, 2009

It must suck to be you.

So I had a table last night of two middle-aged people. Their service was prompt, their drinks didn't empty until they were paying, they said their food was good. But they both ordered diet meals and water with lemon; I didn't see them speak to each other the entire time they were there; they wouldn't make eye contact with me; and just gave off a grumpy vibe.

Imagine my surprise when the husband took the time to write "zero" on the credit slip.

And then, after closing three nights this week, I had dreams all night about work. Damn!


jacque said...

Can u imagine their sex life? Ha ha!

R.A. said...

where i work, it is almost certain that if more than one person orders water at the table, the tip will be awful.

purplegirl said...

Jacque--You're hilarious!

Rachel--I'm lucky that doesn't hold true at my restaurant, although it definitely is an indicator of the cheaps.