Saturday, April 25, 2009

Oh look, I have no sympathy for you!

Thursday was a beautiful day out; the kind of day that made me cranky I had to go to work. So, naturally, people wanted to sit on our patio. And, instead of politely explaining that we didn't have the wait staff to cover it, and (more importantly) it wasn't clean after a winter of snow and slush and traffic covering it in grime .... the manager told the hosts to go ahead and seat out there. This made everybody cranky--it's not like people were going to go elsewhere, there aren't any other restaurants around us and I'm pretty sure we're the only place in town that even has patio seating (aside from one Mexican restaurant that's only open summer). But whatever, it would benefit me in the long run, right?

So at first, we were trying to rotate tables between the three of us closest to the patio doors. I took one, another girl took the second ... and the third, and the fourth, and the fifth. The hosts would radio the manager to tell the other two of us we'd gotten tables outside, but by the time we got there she'd jacked the tables. The manager in training was running the floor, and didn't seem to know what to do, so he just let her do it and said she had moved herself out there ... but was keeping her inside tables. WTF? So this pushy bitch gets a twelve table section and the rest of us get four? I don't fucking think so. I tried to suggest to her, and to the training manager, that we redistribute the tables, and they blew me off.

By this time, she had three booths and a two top full inside, three groups of 3-4 outside, a two outside, and a table outside that started out as four and kept growing until they were taking up three patio tables, which of course they'd arranged horizontally across the patio so you had to go back inside, around, and across the foyer to get to the people on the opposite side of them. This girl is getting snappish and pissy and demanding people help her .... and it might have been a bitch move, but I wouldn't. That's what you get for being greedy and snatching other peoples' tables. If it'd been just one or two, I wouldn't have been so pissed.

I got fed up with it and got the GM out of the back--she was letting Junior run the floor because she was sick--and told her what was going on, although I just said she was getting overwhelmed and thought maybe we should change the floor chart. She jumped right on it, all concerned about customer service. I only gained one two-top table, and still didn't do very well overall that night (campers, only big tops came in when my section couldn't fit any, blah blah); but I was less pissed than if I'd just let it go and watched her run a section three times the size of mine.

Later, she was complaining about how tired she was and what a crazy night it'd been, blah blah blah. I just didn't even respond.

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Banquet Manager said...

When I managed a restaurant many years, we too had a patio and none of the waiters wanted to work out there. The sun beat down on it and the bees buzzed us all day. But the damm owner insisted on opening the patio up everyday even if it was 100 degrees. Dumb shit he was.
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