Friday, June 5, 2009

A brief history of table 19.

Last night I had the same section I had on Tuesday night; which happens to be the section farthest from the kitchen and closest to the door. It's generally not a money-maker. I did okay last night, despite one of my tables being worthless. It was like it was cursed. I had five tables there throughout the night:

-An older woman and her crotch-spawn's two crotch-spawn. They were in last week and didn't tip me; I didn't expect anything different this week, despite remembering them and entering the kids' food correctly even though she didn't order it correctly. I got $2, which is about $2 more than last week.

-Two Mexican guys who ordered extra crispy wings and two beers, and "tipped" 38 cents.

-Four teenagers who waiting until they saw me approaching with their four waters, and then suddenly told the hostess they "had to go" and bolted. I didn't want to wait on them anyway!

-A single old man who got great service--despite the fact that I had six tables inside and two tables outside and the whole world was exploding because a 20 top walked in and the two hostesses didn't have a brain to share between them and filled up two sections on one side of the restaurant, leaving everything else empty. I forget my exact "tip" from this guy, but it was less than sixty cents.

-Two women who like to come in, share a meal, and sit until after closing. When they hadn't left an hour after paying their tab, I told one of the closers she could have the tip if she cleaned it, and I went home.

I really hope I don't have that same section tonight.

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