Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Waste of my life part two.

Another old couple.

A joiner to the beer drinkers, also just having a drink three feet from the bar.

A guy waiting on two more, who he's having a meeting with.

My other two tables have yet to be sat.
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Steven Nicolle said...

The waste of your life is running smoothly I see......or as you predicted. Just kidding eh....

Masquerade said...

You should turn this into a haiku! My coworkers and I do that when we're bored (which is...constantly). I actually left after an hour and a half today with no tables. The other night I worked a bloody 13 hour shift and made $65 goddamned dollars.



Too many old folks.
Fucking asshats and their beers.
I hate my damn life.

How's that? :P

purplegirl said...

Tres bon! :)