Tuesday, August 18, 2009

God, what a boring night!

I didn't have any fun customers; all I had were old couples. Didn't have a table bigger than two all night. Didn't make shit, of course.

The only thing that's even remotely interesting about this night is the lady who sent two steaks back, saying they were so tough she couldn't even cut them. I think she just has no strength in her hands, as I sliced in to both of them in the back and they were fine. The second one the manager was dealing with her and she kept pointing at "white stuff" in the steak and saying it was sooooo salty. But she wouldn't let us get her anything else. Even Lapdog manager said "She's just a bitch."

And that was the most exciting thing to happen tonight. Well, that and the cooks mooning each other, but I wouldn't call that exciting so much as disturbing. Next thing you know they'll have a penis showing game.


Alyssa said...

you possibly could have offered to cut her steak up for her like a child :)

purplegirl said...

That would've been hilarious!

chef's kitchen rant said...

we just love the returned steak for any reason bullshit. Give them a straw and puree the stuff next time. Boy's, keep your pants on for F... sake. Is it safe for you Purplegirl?
Regards Ranting Chef

purplegirl said...

Good idea, next time I'll throw the steak in a blender with some A1 and make a steak shake!

Re: the cooks, as long as they don't start doing the chicken wing or the goat with their scrotum, I can handle it. They mostly ignore the servers!