Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Guest post: I can and will complain about tonight.

This week's guest post comes from RA at Love, Your Waitress. Check out her blog for the full article!

To put it simply, tonight sucked. It was one of the worst shifts I have ever had the misfortune of working in my year and a half at the restaurant. We were slow. My tips were insanely bad. Gah. Here we go, table by table:


•Parents, their 20-something daughter, and her boyfriend. I knew how it was going to go when the girl tried to say, "He and I will just share a Mountain Dew." We aren't supposed to let adults share drinks, but I didn't find this out for sure until tonight. The girl also said, WHILE I WAS STILL THERE, "See, Dad? We're actually trying to be cheap by sharing!" Oh. My. Goodness. They ordered one large cheese pizza, then the mom asked, "So...we get the second one half off, right?" I told them yes. They decided on a large two topping pizza. Obviously they were too dense to read the fine print, which would have told them it is 50% off the cheapest pizza, not the second one you order. Idiots. They were also very concerned about the price of our salad bar. I guess they assumed with their two dollar single trip salad bar, they should just get as many plates of salad as they could carry in one trip...The two that got salad bar each came back with two very tall plates of salad. I knew they were cheap. I don't know why I even bothered trying. They were my only table at the time, so they received perfect service. The mom looked very confused when I brought them the bill, but something tells me that she probably couldn't do the simple math to figure out it was 50% off the cheaper pizza. What did I get for all of this? One dollar on a $42 check. Wadded up and left under a sweaty glass, none the less. It was all I could do to keep from running outside after them to kick their asses back to the trailer park.

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SkippyMom said...

I have never, ever understood why people don't get the BOGO 1/2 that it is the cheaper of the two that is 1/2 off - EVERY SINGLE store, restaurant, website, etc. does it this way - it is not a new concept.

Neither is one trip=ONE plate for $2 at the salad bar. I just don't understand people anymore. I waitressed for several years in college/early married life in the late 80/90s and I don't think I could do it today - people would drive me bonkers.

Sorry you had a bad night. Wish-wish for a good one next :)

Aunty Pol said...

The minute I read about the sharing drinks bir , I had rhe PSA commercial about Menengitus running through my head .


I would have literally washed the dollar.

purplegirl said...

@SkippyMom--I had the same BOGO problem when I worked retail. We'd get people who'd pick out a $15 plain polo and a $40 fancy one and then think they were sooooo smart when they argued with us about it.

@AP -- EWWW! is right!