Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Moronic questions and the end of the work week.

Had another Einstein ask me what the difference is between wings and boneless wings. Also had a woman today said "Instead of the french fries, can she get the, what are they? (looks frantically at daughter) The potatoes? The what, mashed potatoes? Is that .... what?" "Yes, we can do mashed potatoes instead of fries." "Is that what they are? Mashed? Mashed potatoes? Are you sure?"

Oh. Em. Eff. Gee.

My very first table of the night was too very old, cranky bitches who informed me they were going to share a particular steak. That particular steak doesn't say on the menu what size it is; so I politely told them it's only a four ounce steak and asked if they still wanted to share. They immediately started huffing and puffing and acting all offended and as if I was being just incredibly rude. They ordered one each and ate every last damn bite, while giving me the evil eye the whole time.

Then there was the woman who asked me for "water in a kids cup for my son." Thanks for specifying that--I was going to give your 18 month old his water in a wine glass.

I'm also apparently back on Lapdog Manager's shit list. I'd been on it for a month, because I was late two days in a row. He'd finally started talking to me again, acknowledging my presence and being friendly .... and then he got all pissed off again tonight. Why? Because I was supposed to be a second cut, and I swapped with a first cut. We wrote it on the chart, but he wasn't even out on the floor at the time, and we didn't verbally tell him. So even though it was written in purple ink, on the chart he himself wrote the sidework on, that wasn't good enough, and he went back to ignoring me.

btw, the reason I call him Lapdog is because he's just so damned high-strung. The littlest things set him off. He's also incredibly moody. And there's this House clip where he whines "Because I'm a very high-strung little lapdog!" It just fits him.

Other than that, it was an unremarkable night. A friend of mine had an interview; I really hope she gets hired, she needs the job.


The Veteran Server said...

Yeah,love those obvious questions! One of my favorites? "So, what dressing comes on the caesar salad?" Lol!! God bless.

Steven Nicolle said...

Someone asked a waiter the other day what is a baked potato! Lordy!