Friday, September 18, 2009

Back on Lapdog's shit list.

He is such a passive-aggressive fuck. This is the one who was less than sympathetic to my family situation last week, btw. I've been sick this week, so I gave away my Monday and Tuesday shifts. They were covered; the restaurant was in no way affected. He was the manager on duty when I called on Monday, out of politeness, to tell them I wouldn't be in but somebody else was. I could tell from his tone of voice he thought I was faking or something. I sort of hope he's there tomorrow so I can show him my healing marks where I scraped off a bunch of my skin falling off my bike due to dizzyness.

Anyway, imagine my surprise when he posted next week's schedule, and all he did was copy this week's schedule over to next week--after my shifts had been transferred--meaning he screwed me out of two fucking closing shifts. When I sent a very polite email about it, he basically told me to fuck off.

I'm really sort of angry. I cannot pay my bills on four shifts a week. I couldn't pay them on five, after they took away my sixth shift and gave it to Brainless. If we're at such a "critical time", why the fuck did you hire two new servers and promote a host? Why do you do this to us? At this rate, I'm going to have to try to find a Monday-Wednesday job in addition to this one.

And tomorrow, Friday, one of the busiest most worthwhile shifts of the week? The bastard has me scheduled at 5:30. So I'll go in, have the crappiest section, have that be section totally full, and be walking in circles helping other people with their tables for the first hour. Fucking lovely.

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