Friday, September 4, 2009

Guest Post: The Granny Food Thief Strikes Again

The week's guest post comes from So You Want To Be A Banquet Manager. The Banquet Manager was kind enough to feature me as a guest blogger last week; he's totally where I stole the whole guest blog thing from!

The Granny Food Thief Strikes Again

Something happened the other day that reminded me of this old lady, I'll call her the "Granny Food Thief".

When I worked at another hotel (no names please - I'm incognito as they say), there was this sweet little old lady that would constantly crash the cocktail hours for the business events. We had many groups that, after their day-long meeting, would have a 1 hour farewell cocktail hour. They would then network with their fellow associates and anyone else that was invited. To prevent gate crashers, they would even have a separate registration table where the attendees would need to submit their business card to be allowed to enter. Guess what this sweet little old granny would do?

See apparently had an unlimited supply of "official-looking" business cards of various professions that she would hand out to the reg-desk and then be allowed in. She'd work the room - but instead of networking with the other people - she was "food-working" with a pair of tongs and the plastic bag she kept in her oversized pocketbook.

In went some bacon-wrapped scallops, mini beef wellington and even tuna tartar. They I saw her grab a handfull of bev-naps from the bar and wrap 3 pieces of cheesecake and shove them in her thief-bag. I was waiting for her to ask "Where's the "cheesy-poofs". Did she have a colostomy bag hiding under her coat to poor the fruit punch into? Probably...

Anyway, what was I supposed to do, throw her out. My soft side got the best of me and I allowed her to continue raiding the buffet until she was so weighed-down she had to go or she would explode. Just another day in the life of a banquet manager.

I need a REAL job!

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Alyssa said...

bahaha thats awesome... i give her props for being prepared with many business cards!

purplegirl said...

No kidding, at least she was a prepared thief!