Monday, October 5, 2009

Swingers in the house.

Business was exceedingly slow all day (fuck you very much, NFL), so we all had plenty of time to observe a very odd table that came in today. Couple A and Couple B came in at different times and were seen introducing themselves to each other; they clearly didn't know each other. At first, they just sat with the people they came with, and talked and ate. Then it got weird.

Wife A was holding hands across the table with Husband B, as was Wife B with Husband A. A few minutes later, the wives were holding hands across the table, and the husbands had their arms around the wives.

Then the wives went to the bathroom, and when they came back they sat down with the opposite husband of the one they came with. So it ended up with husband A holding wife B, and vice-versa, for a while after their ate. And there was more cross-table hand holding.

They were there for hours, chatting and swapping who they were cuddling with. We all came to the conclusion that they were swingers meeting potential sex partners! At least it livened up the night.


Steven Nicolle said...

Sounds like the beginning of a ménage à quatre soirée. Ha

The Printer said...

That's awesome! *sigh* I wished they hadn't cancelled Swingtown. That was a great show with fabulous potential. *grumble grumble* small-minded-parents-who-can't-control-what-their-kids-watch-on-TV *grumble grumble*

Anonymous said...

I know you probably know this, but you seem more talented then that swill of a restaurant deserves.

Maybe it's time to upgrade?

Blair said...

That is awkward! One time I had a transexual with a wired group of people hit on me. Definitely makes the night interesting and uncomfortable! I just found your blog and I really like it. I have a blog that you may be interested in, it is called It posts funny waiter stories everyday! Please check it out and let me know what you think, I am going to put you on my blogroll.

purplegirl said...

@Waiter E -- that's what we were thinking, and I was thisclose to asking them. :)

@The Printer -- I've never heard of Swingtown, I'll have to look it up!

@Anonymous - That's the nicest thing anyone's said to me all day. :) I've thought about it; but there are actually some advantages to where I work. Right now I'm sort of holding out until the end of this semester. Whether or not I'm able to take classes next semester will determine if I go in search of a better serving job or a regular full time job!

@Blair - I had your site bookmarked and then somehow forgot about it, I'm glad you reminded me!

AK said...

What did they look like...? Just curious.

purplegirl said...

Just sort of average. One of the women was very thin with sallow skin and long straight hair; one of the men had little round glasses and sort of bushy short hair. Nothing remarkable about them except their behavior.

The Veteran Server said...

We have weird situations happen at my place all the time. And we've had several cheating spouses get busted at my restaurant, one was a guy who's wife caught him with another guy. People come in and get trashed and act foolish, and I frequently want to tell customers look, we appreciate the business, but we're not actually a bar per say! Lol!

The Printer said...

Yeah, Swingtown would have been on during your working hours. It was a show on fox (I think) that lasted only a season. It was an after 9:00 pm airing but there were a LOT of complaints about it from conservative & parents groups. It was a drama/comedy about a family living in the 70s at the height of the swinging craze who get induced to swing by their new neighbors.

Side note: no lie, the word verification is "cater av", just struck me as funny