Monday, November 30, 2009

Quite a satisfactory weekend.

All my coworkers were moaning this weekend about how slow it was--except for a couple of hours Saturday night where we all got killed--but I was quite happy with my last three shifts. I did better than usual percentage wise despite the slower business, and my two closing shifts I was out of there two minutes after close (Saturday) and ten after (Sunday). Saturday was actually one of my top ten nights money-wise at this restaurant.

That really surprised me, considering the sangria bitches, another table of snotty twats who stiffed me, and yet another table of obnoxious college kids who left ten percent. I also didn't have a table in the last hour we were open, so I triple-counted my tips because I thought it couldn't possibly be right.

I hope tonight and tomorrow are decent; I've only got half my rent money .....


Ribeye of your Dreams said...

Isn't it weird that you sometimes make awesome money on nights you really think you're leaving with shit?

I had many of those nights working at Dave and Busters, and it came to my attention that while most groups of obnoxious college kids tip shitty (this includes the majority of sorostitutes), frat boys (as long as they keep it controlled so you don't have to cut them off) will hook you the fuck up even if you're a guy, and military boys - as long as they've just come back from overseas anyway - will hook you the fuck up for showing them a good time now that they're home. The frat/military thing, well that's opposite what they normally do, and those are the only two situations where you make money from them!

I also must say, I am in awe of your use of the word 'twats', makes me all warm and fuzzy inside!!! Never stop, sweetness, never stop!

purplegirl said...

Twat IS a lovely word, innit? :) I wish we got military boys around here, but they're few and far between!