Saturday, January 9, 2010

What mature people do.

When you feel your food was cold and your service poor, what's the proper course of action? Why, of course you and your friend should write on each of your separate tickets "cold food poor service." Then, on your way out the door, you should slam said tickets down on the host stand and bark at the hostess to "take these to your manager."

Nevermind that you told your server everything was fine. All four of the times I was there after your meal arrived. Nevermind the entire place was full, the lobby was packed, and your server had 23 people you were smack in the middle of and could see me frantically attending to. Nevermind you were never out of water, never said you needed or were missing anything.

Passive aggressive fucking bitches. One of them was standing in the entryway waiting for her husband to pull the car up (fucking princess, it's not even below freezing), and I couldn't restrain myself. I went out to her. In my most kiss-ass voice I said, "ma'am? I just saw these," I paused and held them out, hoping to let her feel nervous, "and I wanted to let you know that next time if you tell someone in person, we'll get the manager and he'll do whatever he can to fix it for you!"

I said it with a smile, in the most sincere tone I have in me. I hope I still made her feel like the douchesack she is.
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    ♥ Caz said...

    I have to say you are brave in going out there and telling those ladies what THEY were doing wrong. :)

    Well done.

    Jessi said...

    You definitely are brave. I only dream of doing something like this but if I ever did, Corporate would replace me in a heartbeat.

    Kudos to you! You Rock!

    purplegirl said...

    I'm sort of afraid she'll complain and I'll get in trouble, but I didn't let myself think about it before I did it!

    Mary Sheehan Winn said...

    that's your Karma working. Even if she didn't let on, she had to feel like 2 cents.

    purplegirl said...

    Oh, I hope so. >:)